• Posted on: 7 June 2016
  • By: Admininstator

At the Festival there are many different sectors regarding the production, distribution and promotion of a film. These are designed to help films being shown to the largest audience receive funding and wider releases in order to give the filmmakers more exposure for their hard work.

We have opened an ‘Investor’s Sector’ in the Cinema New York City in order to provide filmmakers with a greater opportunity to gain access to investments. Too often talented writers and directors don’t have the ability to gain funding for their projects so more people are coming together to help these brilliant, creative people produce their movies. Film festivals are about showcasing talent and by introducing this programme there will now be help for quality screenplays to get funding and eventually come to fruition as movies.

Another problem that many independent filmmakers have is the promotion of their production and many of these smaller films are left without any mainstream exposure. This is where the ‘Marketing Sector’ comes in, helping filmmakers to promote their movies to a much wider audience and to create publicity for smaller projects which may not have the budget to do so on their own. Many independent filmmakers are under the impression that their distribution companies will offer them money to use for promotion, however this is often not the case. This leaves many projects with little or no advertising despite them being of a very high quality and mainstream appeal, reducing the coverage of talented professionals in the world of cinema. Marketing is one of the most important aspects of a film and without adequate investment in this areas films can often be left with only minimal audiences despite their obvious quality.

The mission of the ‘Film Distribution Sector’ is to help filmmakers at the Cinema New York City to sign deals with distribution companies to help them show their films in a variety of different locations. If a film is given a larger distribution deal then it is likely that it will be seen by a wider audience giving greater exposure to the filmmaker, the actors and everyone else involved with the production. These deals are incredibly important for independent films and many don’t end up finding one despite being a very well made and interesting film. We want to help directors and producers contact distribution companies and organise deals to give films from the Cinema New York City wider exposure throughout USA, Canada, Europe and Asia.

2nd of September (10AM - 11PM), 2017
Film to be screened Screening Time
Mr. Right 10:00:00 AM
The Vagrant 10:04:00 AM
Agathe and her colors 10:11:00 AM
Closing 10:19:47 AM
Ache 10:23:22 AM
TRACKING 10:37:58 AM
A Living Bridge 10:49:58 AM
Thiaroye By The Sea 12:19:23 PM
5A-5B 12:35:29 PM
Chance Encounter 12:40:51 PM
The Locker Room Mascot Massacre 12:50:51 PM
Burningham 1st 48 Da Movie 1:12:01 PM
An American Story 2:02:01 PM
The Perfect Shave 2:25:01 PM
On Being an Artist 2:42:48 PM
Night Terror 2:56:32 PM
Jean | Short Film 3:03:43 PM
Landed 3:16:04 PM
Taste Test 3:47:04 PM
Side Hustle 4:02:00 PM
Another Day 4:20:45 PM
Six Cups 4:44:05 PM
Cuba People to People - Cars to Wings 4:58:07 PM
Trapped 5:11:00 PM
This Is Not The Time 5:20:08 PM
Dark Town 5:29:08 PM
Hidden Memory 5:42:08 PM
Pet Whisperer with Agustaz Florence 5:52:44 PM
Inside Job 6:05:53 PM
Eraser Wars 6:49:37 PM
Kohtaro In Space Wonderland 7:05:43 PM
When the Spirit Moves 7:21:43 PM
Field Notes 7:39:28 PM
Macseal - 'Cats' 8:19:47 PM
Get Out!! 8:23:41 PM
John Gets Ahead 8:26:38 PM
Donald 8:40:28 PM
Tether 8:50:56 PM
The Thick Grey Line 8:55:26 PM
Mom 9:10:28 PM
Crushed In Space 9:18:42 PM
Escape 9:24:35 PM
Socket 10:50:35 PM
End of Cinema New York Film Festival 11:00 PM
3rd of September (10AM - 11PM), 2017
Film to be screened Screening Time
Death Lives 10:00:00 AM
Match 10:22:06 AM
Forget Me Not 10:25:16 AM
My Vows 10:31:17 AM
Astronaut 10:44:51 AM
Gonna Be a Soldier 11:08:13 AM
Poisoning Paradise 11:14:22 AM
Home Movies 12:18:52 PM
Deadbeat 12:38:28 PM
Offline 12:57:16 PM
My Big Brother 1:26:16 PM
Nano 1:38:34 PM
The Soup 1:59:39 PM
Total Control - Short 3:56:39 PM
Finish Line: The Rise and Demise of Off-Track Betting 4:24:37 PM
The Perfect Consumer 5:29:37 PM
Still I Rise: 2ndchances 5:53:17 PM
Here's To Life! - The Story of the Refreshments 8:20:17 PM
Helping Hands 9:53:17 PM
Taco 10:08:56 PM
Postcard: New York 10:16:26 PM
Good St. Nick 10:19:05 PM
Walk With Me 10:24:57 PM
Episodic Love 10:38:57 PM
TAKEN - Emily Osmond 10:44:57 PM
End of Cinema New York Film Festival 11:00 PM
4th September 2017 (10AM - 11PM), 2017
Film to be screened Screening Time
Roommates 10:00:00 AM
The Saddler's Son 10:06:56 AM
Powder Room 10:18:36 AM
Early Departure 10:32:29 AM
Need Change 10:46:38 AM
Why? 11:03:46 AM
The Walk 11:06:11 AM
Lapso 11:09:22 AM
Part Of Me Now: Living With Breast Cancer 11:17:54 AM
Addicted 11:57:23 AM
Monday 12:18:39 PM
Christmas of Nothing 12:42:09 PM
In the End (Final) 1:03:09 PM
Backup Plan 1:19:45 PM
The Lonely Planet 1:30:52 PM
Little Star 1:59:23 PM
Exit. 2:22:33 PM
Tender Moments 2:36:06 PM
Callie's Solo (Web Series) Pilot Episode-The Guitar Amp 2:49:41 PM
Dark Justice 3:06:05 PM
Quotidian Mandala 3:26:05 PM
Siskin 3:39:46 PM
WILLY 4:04:05 PM
S.O.S. 4:19:55 PM
Heavenkid 4:28:14 PM
Don't Think About It 4:44:21 PM
Brute Sanity 5:01:33 PM
Americana 6:28:14 PM
Inauguration Day 6:34:34 PM
Stracony (Lost) 6:41:30 PM
Bad Kids 6:48:18 PM
Addiction Anti-Stigma Video 6:59:28 PM
Stanley 7:02:56 PM
Guardian Angel 7:24:56 PM
Poetry Stalled 7:38:03 PM
A Day To Live 7:48:53 PM
Showreel 7:58:11 PM
The Last 8:16:54 PM
The Hunt 8:30:07 PM
B.....R...........M..... 8:44:07 PM
Life Through A Lens 8:52:18 PM
Mnemonics 9:03:29 PM
Seattle Death Trains 9:15:44 PM
World Spins Madly On 9:45:44 PM
End of Cinema New York Film Festival 11:00 PM