Using a drone, Icelandic director, Tomas Marshall invites us to follow the talented singer-songwriter on a journey to discover herself. Walking barefoot in desolate fields, she contemplates solitude. Allowing for an emotional portrayal of the transition from heartbreak to fulfillment. Letting go of who she once was, she paves her future adorned in white. Pronouncing her purity, she washes away her past. In a world so large, it is easy to get tied up in minuscule thoughts laced with doubt and hinderance, neglecting to go beyond our individual scope. GEA powers through such obstructions and offers an incredible work.

What makes the process behind this song and music video remarkable, is the fact that the song was born during a video shoot session for a different song (“Wind”). The emptiness of the scenery GEA faced in the high lands of Iceland, combined with mysterious volcanic energy she felt, combined with her own sorrow created the song “Alone”. The video for it stays true the scenery the song was born in. By watching the video you get into the song-writing process, you'll understand what inspired her to write it. Music editor Wesley Butler from Subba-Cultcha has written about it: "A glorious sadness presents itself in "Alone". This track's artwork depicts a lone wolf left to fend for herself in a barren wasteland. The mild reed wind instrumentation draws feelings of rejection and defeat, while GEA's vocals are tossed around like embryonic plants. This song is a spectacle and the centerpiece of 'Pink'." 


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