The Bacon Addict

Jim hits rock bottom after a night of bacon binging and kidnapping his taxi driver. So he does the only thing he can - he calls a therapist to help rid him of his bacon addiction. Many tactics are tried - from getting at angry at the bacon, to talking to a 'therapy pig', to getting slapped and kneed in the crotch during aversion therapy; and then finally getting to the root of the problem, which stems from Jim's childhood trauma - his parents were vegetarians. As a child, he was never allowed to have the one thing he truly loved - the bacon. At the end of the day, Jim realizes bacon is not his addiction, it's his passion. And he must embrace it. But a final twist is revealed when Jim decides not to rekindle the romance with his ex-girlfriend, and instead shows up at his therapist's door with a bouquet of bacon roses.

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