Great Britain, 1953. Cold War lasts despite the summer. Stalin is dead, the British just finished celebrating the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, cinema halls are possessed by catastrophic movies about the destruction of the Earth by Martians. 30 years old Dora Szumski is an English woman married to a Polish immigrant Eryk. He is a former Polish Military officer for whom the existing power balance doesn't leave much choice. He can either be sentenced to death in his homeland or be an immigrant. After a failed suicide attempt he stays in a mental hospital for Polish ex-soldiers. His wife, Dora, does not only sense the secret behind Eryk's illness, she also has some proof... She starts her old motorcycle to visit her husband in the asylum. However, the long expected encounter of the spouses does not end at the hospital. Eryk runs away and turns up in a wayside inn restinga his surprised wife from trouble. She wants her husband to go immediately back to the hospital. Yet, Eryk tricks her. Not aware of the deception, drugged with psychotropes, Dora allows Eryk to kidnap her to a desolated seashore. We are following Dora's trip into the heart of her husband's mystery.

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