Cuba People to People - Cars to Wings

A short travel documentary prepared while visiting Cuba in January 2017, taking advantage of President Obama's People to People Cuban Policy. This video features professor and dancer NYC Hostos-CUNY Linguistics Professor Gail August, PhD, and was submitted to the Obama Foundation under the citizenship category.

The video shows the importance for both sets of citizens to connect on many levels. This includes acknowledging that different points of view and histories will broaden respect for the other country. The heart of the film is the professor interacting with the local children. This engaging interaction is in stark contrast to 1962, when Cuba and the US were at the brink of a nuclear war. Seeing this historical conflict from the Cuban persective was particularly impactful.

The short travel documentary is in 5 chapters, each set to popular music:
- When cars were cars
- Kids and wonderful world
- A revolutionary formation
- Cuban missile crisis (including footage of guide who was acting as missile spotter in the trenches during the 13 days of living on the brink of nuclear holocaust in October 1962)
- The future of Cuba through education and the arts

Country of Origin: 
USA / Cuba