Escape is the first feature film of Thinking Films - a collaborative partnership between Joe Njagu and Agnieszka Piotrowska. is a film noir fairy tale. It draws from Western traditions as well as African mythologies - it touches upon serious issues such as child marriage and identity but it is also a happy story. A young mixed race man called Charles learn from his white mother who is dying in London that she had lied about his childhood and background. She tells him he is half Zimbabwean and he must go to Harare to find his father. Charles does go and what ensues is a tale of a stranger in town who tries to find his father but also tries to come to grips with the realities of living in Zimbabwe. He immediately gets involved with a young wife of the old hotel owner (Tsitsi) who pretends to be religious but is in fact a femme fatale, trying to seduce Charles into committing a crime. However, we also learn that she has been corrupted by her very early unwanted marriage. Charles also meets a very different woman, Anna, who by her own admission, likes to think things through for herself and is a modern African. She is a journalist. Charles is beginning to run out of money completely and Tsitsi talks him into murdering her old husband. At the last minute Charles, changes his mind and runs to Anna to begin a new life. He is seen by his friend the barman and various people in town. He spends the night with Anna and seems determined to start a new life. However, when he gets back to the hotel, he is arrested as the old hotel owner is murdered after all. Detective Connor tells him that his fingerprints are on the knife but that they are not the only ones. He also gives him a letter left by the hotel owner who reveals various things about Charles' father who was the hotel owner's cousin. The hotel owner leaves the hotel for him too and reveals his father is dead as is his uncle with whom his mother had an affair (and was caught by the maid which is why she had left Harare in the first place). The film ends with many strangers coming forward as Charles's alibi so he is released and he kisses Anna. At the end everybody is having a celebration in the bar.

Country of Origin: 
Zimbabwe/United Kingdom