Inside Job

Josh Weinstein, the new intern, is exceedingly nervous on his first day at BTC Getaways, a travel agency. It doesn’t help that his friend Al, the last intern at BTC Getaways, disappeared a few months earlier. Josh quickly learns his new workplace is rather disturbing. His boss, Mr. G., is rude, manipulative, and has a horrible temper. Worse still, he seems to be a drug-addicted womanizer with a violent streak. Josh’s co-workers Don and Dick try to convince him all is running normally. Meanwhile, Connie, Josh’s alluring co-worker, adroitly seduces him. When Josh gets to know how twisted his co-workers are, and the kind of cult Mr. G. really operates, he tries to flee. But it is too late. The group hold Josh hostage and force him to participate in an absurd initiation ritual. Yet crazier even than these maniacal practices are the layers of deceptions behind it all. Bill Garry of Discover Hollywood has described the film as “’The Wolf Of Wall Street’ on Crack” as well as pointing out that it “skewered American values.” He also suggested the film is “a dynamic showcase” with “good comic timing,” “good direction and production values,” and “first rate lighting, sound and special effects for an indie.”

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