The Lonely Planet



Fresh off of graduation from MIT, a brilliant young man moves to New York City to pursue a career in computer engineering. When he arrives, however, he struggles to get past his crippling social anxiety which damages his chances in the tech industry and leaves him yearning for his small town home.








Twenty-one year old Josh, born and raised in a small town in Vermont, recently graduated college from M.I.T. Armed with little but a few personal belongings, this shy and introverted young man moves to New York City hoping to succeed where his parents did not. He stays with the only person he knows in the city, his brother’s high school best friend. But the overpriced couch he rents is far from home and also realizes the person he is staying with is far from a brotherly friend. Josh is lost. It’s a tough place to navigate especially when millions are already lost. Josh continues to struggle to adjust and move forward. With every job interview he lands, he is overwhelmed each time. Josh fails to overcome his chronic anxiety and is repeatedly passed over by other candidates. He can’t even find support in his family. Josh begins to accept the possibility that they may be right and that he isn’t fit to make it on his own. After all, it is New York. 






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