The Perfect Consumer

Director's Statement:

The Perfect Consumer is a short film based in the same world as James Griffiths' feature script Puppets. Set in New York City several years from now, the short explores a society where homelessness is Illegal and one's job is their main source of identity. When this is taken away, a crisis ensues.

Another theme running through this film is our fascination with images of sexual violence, which have become a commodity like any other. We are repulsed, excited and ultimately desensitized. When the protagonist loses her job, she is exposed to the emptiness of her existence, which no amount of pornography, drinking or spending can remedy.

In the finish there is only one choice left, an extreme resistance, self annihilation and a metamorphosis into an antagonistic force.

The New York of The Perfect Consumer is one like our own, only made hyperbolic for poetic and satirical effect.


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