Every day moments can seem so routine, except when viewed from a new vantage point. What can be seen as ordinary then becomes extraordinary to the viewer. This is where I find the magic. I was walking through a shopping mall on the top floor and happened to look down at children wildly jumping and playing in this wonderland below. From this vantage point up high, the children looked like tiny elves and fairies jumping, laughing and happily playing in a breakfast-themed playground. I hurriedly went to my studio, grabbed my camera and for several weeks returned to document the children playing. The short film, PLAY, is about Magic. PLAY was selected as Best of Show at Palm Beach Cultural Council Bienniel, Juror Elizabeth Sobieski, Art Critic for Huffington Post and New York Magazine. “PLAY is highly sophisticated, visually and aurally stunning, wonderfully edited, amusing and absolutely haunting.” 3) Elizabeth Sobieski, Contributing Writer for Huffington Post, The Art Economist, New York Magazine among others.

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