The Soup

Soon-Sik(played by Shin, Jung-Geun) is ridiculed by others for having an intelligence of a dolphin and all he is good at is wrapping up the sheet papers and picking up empty boxes, nothing much.But he has a true motive to his life which is his daughter Soon-Young (played by Ko, Na-Hee), and his wife Ae-Sim (played by Jang, So-Yeon), who suffers from the same condition as his. It was a happy family until the stranger shows up… Jae-Goo(played by Yoon, Bak) has just got released from the prisonHe has no job and his family won’t return his calls.However he has one extraordinary skill, a ‘survivor instinct’. Soon-Sik and Jae-Goo become brothers as they accidentally meet at the funeral.Soon-Sik’s home becomes Jae-Goo’s without him noticing. And the mind of 7-year-old sees a change when a strange man starts to live with her.Soon-Young feels different gazes when others look at a normal ‘uncle’ but she starts to get scared of him. Also Ae-Sim senses the danger.Soon-Sik, slow but also a dependable father, will he be able to protect his family?

Country of Origin: 
South Korea